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Staff Spotlight: Meet Our Dentist Dr. Molly Adler

Our staff spotlights are a great opportunity to get to know our dental staff on a more personal level. If you have been following the Rusnak Family Dentistry blog for awhile then you probably remember meeting Tunisia, Karley, and Lindsey in past staff spotlights. Today we are really excited to introduce you to Dr. Molly Adler, our newest dentist at Rusnak Family Dentistry!

Meet Dr. Adler

Patients frequently ask how and why our dentists decided to make dentistry their profession. For Dr. Adler, it was as simple as a class assignment in high school. Her AP biology teacher required all her students to shadow a healthcare professional. Dr. Adler shared this assignment with her dentist at the time and it resulted in an invitation from her dentist to shadow her! Dr. Adler quickly realized that she was very interested in dentistry and the relationships that developed over time between a patient and their doctor.

Today Dr. Adler is living out her dream that started in her AP Biology classroom. She loves being a dentist, and especially loves treating patients who are able to smile confidently again after she is done with them. Even though she is finished with all of her formal schooling, it’s still important to Dr. Adler that she remains sharp. She loves to talk materials and techniques with her dental colleagues and believes that the dental community can learn so much from each other. She also makes it a priority to really get to know each of her patients, so that she can fully understand their needs and goals. If she were talking to someone who was considering a career in dentistry, Dr. Adler would recommend that they do plenty of shadowing first. “Make sure you like meeting and talking to new people every single day. And be prepared to treat every patient like a family member!”

What does she do outside of dentistry?

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Adler spends lots of time with her family, especially her nieces and nephews. She and her husband love exploring Richmond, eating at all the awesome restaurants our city has, and spending time with their friends. To schedule an appointment with our newest dentist, Dr. Adler, please contact us!

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    •   RFD Staff

      Hi Caitlin. Please contact our office by phone for available shadowing opportunities. 804-262-1060. Thank you!

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