Staff Spotlight: Meet Our Office Manager Lindsey

If you have been following the Rusnak Family Dentistry blog, hopefully you joined us for the beginning of our Staff Spotlight series last month. Our idea behind this series is to give you, our dental patients, the opportunity to get to know us better and ultimately feel more comfortable when you visit for your dental appointments.

Meet Lindsey

Lindsey is our office manager here at Rusnak Family Dentistry. And let us tell you – no one in our office (dentists included!) would be able to do their job well if it weren’t for Lindsey. Next time she has business cards printed we are thinking her title should be revised to “Get Er Done Jack Of All Trades Dental Practice Extraordinare.” On second thought, we may need bigger business cards for that. But you get the point. Lindsey’s job is multifaceted, which is one of the reasons she loves what she does. At any given time she may be meeting with a patient to explain their dental treatment plan, training one of our teammates, taking care of various administrative tasks, or coming up with ways to make our patient experience the best that it can possibly be. Lindsey commented, “I’m able to do everything I do because I’m 100% committed and I really can’t imagine doing anything else.” Lindsey started her dental career as a dental assistant in 1995. What began as a part-time gig grew into much more for her as she learned more about dentistry and became proficient in her job. Her skill set makes her a fantastic office manager because she understands all areas of dentistry and is able to approach each task with a “big picture” mentality.

When asked what advice she would give someone interested in a dental career, she said, “I would tell them to do as much research as possible. Dentistry is a great field. Get as much exposure as possible and don’t be afraid to reach out to others in the dental community as you are making a decision about your career.”

Lindsey lives in the country and wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves the privacy, the scenery, and the peace that comes along with living off the beaten path. But don’t get us wrong: Lindsey doesn’t exactly slow down when it comes to her personal life. She loves working out, coaching (and spectating) her kids sporting events, traveling, doing yoga, and exploring the Richmond restaurant scene.


So there you have it! Another spotlight of another great member of the Rusnak Family Dentistry staff. Stay tuned for future staff spotlights and as always, thanks for reading our Richmond, VA dental blog.

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