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How Long Should I Wear My Retainer?

Often people ask us how long they need to wear their retainer after having orthodontic treatment. There are many factors that may influence how long someone needs to wear their retainer, but the best blanket recommendation we can make is to wear your retainers for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight. The Purpose of Retainers Regardless of whether you had traditional braces or Invisalign treatment, you will still need to wear a retainer in order to …

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3 Secrets to a Younger Looking Smile

Many people begin using a variety of anti-aging products as they grow older. However, very few people realize that one of the easiest things they can do is to just focus on their teeth. Check out these 3 secrets to a younger looking smile. You may be surprised at the difference they can make! 1. Take Your Oral Hygiene Seriously When it comes to getting a younger looking smile, the first step is to get back to the basics of your oral hygiene. …

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5 Reasons To Consider Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment was something associated with the teenage years. Today, however, more and more adults are choosing to straighten their teeth. There are a variety of reasons that we are seeing orthodontic treatment rise in popularity with adults, but the most important thing for you to understand is that braces aren’t just for kids anymore. 5 Reasons To Consider Adult Orthodontic Treatment 1. Confidence Self-confidence is important, regardless of your age. In fact, did you know that those with straight …

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