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Important Facts about Oral Cancer

Updated in April 2017 Mouth Sores May Be a Sign of Oral Cancer Mouth sores that do not heal themselves within 2 weeks may be a sign of something abnormal happening in your mouth. If you have a sore on your cheeks, lips, gums, tongue, or throat that doesn’t heal itself within 14 days, you are advised to contact your dentist in Richmond, VA and have an exam performed. Oral Cancer Has a High Death Rate Historically, oral cancer is …

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3 Reasons You Need An Annual Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is nothing to take lightly. For many years it was one of the most deadly types of cancer due to the fact that it was hard to detect in it’s early stages. Modern technology has made the detection of oral cancer much easier, but many patients are still unaware that a simple oral cancer screening could save their life. We have listed 3 Reasons that you need to be getting an annual oral cancer screening below: 1. Oral …

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