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Staff Spotlight: Meet Your Dental Hygienist Karley

At Rusnak Family Dentistry we are frequently reminding ourselves that dentistry is all about the people. It’s about our patients, our community, and our employees. It’s about providing a service that has the ability to dramatically change someones life. And it’s about empowering our employees to provide exceptional service to our dental patients.

At your first dental visit, we spend some time getting to know you and finding out the things that are important to you. So recently the thought occurred to us: shouldn’t you have the opportunity to really get to know us as well? This was the thought behind our newest blog series that will focus on the Rusnak Family Dentistry dental staff. Without further adieu, we are excited to introduce you to Karley, one of our awesome dental hygienists here at Rusnak Family Dentistry.

Meet Karley

Karley became a dental hygienist because she loves people. Perhaps that sounds a bit cliche, but guess what? She really does, and her love for her patients is communicated in the way she listens to them and makes them feel like family. When she is able to educate someone on the role that their oral health plays in their overall health and teach them why oral hygiene is so important she feels like she is making a real difference in the world.  In Karley’s words, “I try to make sure that every patient leaves Rusnak Family Dentistry remembering that we care about them and their feelings, knowing that they just received the best dental care available to them.”

Karley’s job as a dental hygienist doesn’t come without obstacles, however. She says that the hardest thing about being a hygienist is patient compliance. “You spend so much time with your patients teaching them proper home care and educating them about the importance of their oral health, but sometimes it still doesn’t seem to click with patients. That’s hard, because I just want people to understand how valuable dentistry is,” commented Karley. On the flip side, however, Karley loves it when she sees a patient who has done a great job with their at-home dental care and is experiencing the benefits of doing so.

Outside of work, Karley approaches her life with the same passion she does as a hygienist. She loves to travel, to spend time with people she loves, and to work out. If she could, she would live on a boat that traveled the world providing dental services to those in 3rd world countries. (How many people would choose to do that? Just Sayin’)

If she was asked to give advice to someone considering a career in dentistry, Karley would tell them to shadow someone in a dental practice. “Dentistry is a great profession. It’s flexible and it’s rewarding. But you can’t find out if you really love something until you experience what the day-to-day job is going to be like.”


Karley is just one of our many fabulous team members. Stay tuned for more staff spotlights on the Rusnak Family Dentistry blog by liking our Facebook Page or following us on Twitter. Until then, keep smiling Richmond!


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