Holiday Treats That Are Good For Your Smile

The time of the year between Thanksgiving and New Years Day is a heartwarming and joyful time of year – but it can be dangerous for your teeth if you aren’t careful. We understand that everyone wants to splurge on a Christmas cookie (or 5!), but keep in mind that taking care of your teeth during December will keep you from ending up with a mouth full of dental problems in January. As your Richmond VA dentist, we have you covered. Check out these simple tips and tricks for holiday treats that are good for your smile!

  • If you are planning to give homemade goodies as gifts, consider giving something lower in sugar such as trail mix, biscotti, dark chocolate, or a homemade fruit basket with some of your personal favorites. Other options are to make homemade candles, foot scrub, photo coasters, ornaments, etc. The options are endless! This will help keep you from indulging in the sweet confections also.
  • Eat a meal before going to a party so that you won’t be tempted to snack all night. The constant presence of sugar on your teeth is much worse than just having one treat and brushing afterwards.
  • Beware of holiday cocktails high in sugar! Anything that is mixed with soda or juice is very dangerous, as are liqueurs and sweet wine. For a beautiful smile come 2014, stick to dry wine, beer, or clear liquor.
  • Stay away from the break room at work. No, we don’t want you to be antisocial, but we do want you to avoid the constant influx of sweets that are sitting in your break room during December. If you don’t want your lunch break to be a complete temptation, consider stocking the office fridge with apples, clementine oranges, and cheese cubes as an alternative to the cookies and toffee sitting on the counter.
  • Carry a granola bar or apple in your bag while shopping. Many retailers display yummy goodies to get their shoppers in the spirit and ultimately spend more money in their store. Instead of grabbing a cookie off the tray, reach into your bag for an apple slice instead.

Have additional suggestions holiday treats that are good for your smile? Leave a comment below for other readers to check out. We hope that you have a very happy and healthy holiday season!


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