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If you have been following along with our 2nd Annual #ChristmasInJuly series on our Facebook page, then you probably saw the recent post we did requesting that our followers ask us all of their Invisalign Questions. If you missed the post, we have compiled a list of all the questions/answers that were asked. Check them out below and let us know what surprises you the most about Invisalign!

PS: We did the same thing last year, and if you want to check out those questions and answers you can do do that here.

How long does invisalign treatment usually take?

It totally depends on the complexity of your treatment! Many cases can be done in as few as 6 months but some cases might take 12-24 months. On average most patients are done in about 12 months.

What does it cost?

Treatment cost is based on the expected time and complexity of your specific treatment but most cases range from about $4500-$6500. Many dental insurance plans do offer insurance benefits towards Invisalign – sometimes it’s up to $2500 or $3000.

Why invisalign over other teeth aligners that are available?

Two big reasons that Invisalign is far superior to everything else out there: 1. Your treatment is overseen by a doctor. This is so, so important. A quick google search will show you why! 2. Invisalign uses a patented material called SmartTrack that creates faster and more predictable movement of the teeth. Other aligner brands use Invisalign’s old technology that they used when it was first introduced 20 years ago.

is invisalign comfortable?

Most people find that Invisalign is more comfortable than braces because you don’t have anything metal in your mouth that might irritate your cheeks/gums. But the purpose is to move your teeth so you can expect some mild soreness or discomfort when you advance to each new set of aligners.

is invisalign worn 24 hours a day?

You wear the aligners for 22 hours a day, so almost all the time except for when you’re eating or brushing.

how long until I begin to see results?

Patients are amazed at how quickly they start to see results! It varies with each person but for many people you will start noticing the results within the first 3-5 trays.

do you get a retainer after your complete treatment? how long do you have to wear it?

Yes, we do provide you with a retainer to maintain your results. You need to wear a retainer (nightly) for as long as you want to keep your teeth straight.

Do you have to get your teeth modeled after each set of Invisalign trays, or do you get all the trays at once?

We use a digital scanner, so you never have to have molds done of your teeth with the yucky goop! We will do a scan at the beginning of your treatment that will be used to manufacture all of your trays. Sometimes mid-way through treatment we will rescan your teeth and have a new set of trays made if your treatment is not progressing how we expected. But for most patients you only have to be scanned once in order to have all of your trays made!

Is Invisalign related to having more yellow teeth and if so how does the patient deal with this?

No, Invisalign trays do not stain your teeth. You remove them to eat and drink and brush before putting them back in so no food residue should be stuck in them.

Can you just do the top teeth if the bottoms are straight?

Typically if any movement is being done to one of your arches (top or bottom) there is also going to be minor movement in the other arch. There is no cost difference to just do top or bottom, so it’s best to move both arches together.

how young can you be to use invisalign?

It really depends on maturity level of the child! Children as young as 8-10 can be treated with Invisalign instead of braces, but they just have to be mature enough to keep the aligners in take care of them properly.

how often do you have to come in during treatment?

Typically your Invisalign check-ups are every 6-8 weeks throughout treatment.

Still Have Questions?

We hope this Q&A helped answer any questions you may have had about Invisalign. Do you still have questions about Invisalign treatment? Feel free to ask in the comments below, or come into our dental practice in Richmond, VA and ask one of our doctors yourself! At River Run Dental, we offer a complimentary Invisalign consultation to all patients interested in getting more information about treatment. To schedule an Invisalign consultation, click here.

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