3 Health Reasons Consider Cosmetic Dentistry in Richmond, VA

There are many reasons to seek out cosmetic dentistry in Richmond, VA. Some people seek out this type of work for purely cosmetic reasons. Afterall, who doesn’t want to have an attractive smile? There are other reasons, however, to find a good cosmetic dentist. Some of them relate directly to a person’s health.

Bad Bite

Many people decide to pursue cosmetic dentistry because they have a problem with the alignment of their teeth. Sometimes it comes in the form of a malocclusion, which is a problem in the way the teeth in the dental arches line up. While this condition is usually mild, people with severe malocclusions can encounter a whole host of problems. These problems can cause a distorted face shape that can cause problems chewing or speaking. Additionally, people with malocclusions experience more tooth decay, as well as uncomfortable pressure on the jaw in the form of TMJ disorder, named after the temporomandibular joint.


It only stands to reason that if you are unable to chew your food properly, it is impossible for your body to digest properly. Proper chewing of food produces saliva, which contains enzymes that help start the digestive process. This enzyme, in conjunction with the acid in your stomach, produces chime, which helps the food travel to the small intestine. Since the proper digestion of food starts with chewing, a misalignment or other structural tooth problem can increase the chance of heartburn, GERD, ulcers and more.

Other Health Issues

Jaw misalignment can also cause hearing problems, since TMJ can bring on tinnitus. Headaches are also an issue for people whose teeth are not aligned properly. Crowded teeth can also cause gum disease which is proven to contribute to a risk for heart attack and stroke. Finally, a person’s self esteem and mental well-being can be negatively impacted by dental problems. People put a lot of stock in their appearance, and a healthy smile can mean the difference between taking the most advantage of life or staying on the sidelines.

As a cosmetic dentist in Richmond, VA we offer a full range of dental services from orthodontics to professional teeth whitening.

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