Our Favorite Tweets from the American Dental Association

We have gathered some of our favorite dental tweets from the American Dental Association. Below you will find great information (from dental tips on how to brush your teeth to maintaining good oral health), entertaining tweets (often found with the hashtag #TBT) and eye-opening stats about dental care under #DentalAction. Be sure to follow them @AmerDentalAssn!

18 Favorite Tweets About Dentistry


As a family dental practice, this was easily one of our favorites. Take the pledge!


Throwback Tooth Day (#TBT) is one of our favorite dental hashtags to follow.


This video is just another reason to be following along #TBT!


Fascinating tweet on the lack of tooth decay in the animal kingdom.

We loved this tweet because it underscores the relationship between your overall health and well being and your oral health.


We mentioned this in the dental myth busting section of our own dental infographic with pregnancy tips.


Use CDC’s oral health resources to make sure your water is optimally fluoridated!


Some sound dental advice: healthy eating habits.


Here’s another pregnancy tip that the ADA tweeted; you can find 24 tips to maintain oral health during your pregnancy in our infographic.


Have you heard about Tropical Storm Flossie?


Do you know your dental history?


This is one of those eye opening dental statistics. Browse #DentalAction for others.


 Another really surprising dental statistic here.


A dry mouth can mean more than simply needing another glass of water.


 Unexpected benefits of gum! Like the tweet says, make sure its sugarless!


If mints aren’t freshening your breath, it might be a good idea to visit your local dentist.


We love to see that the upcoming generation is visiting the dentist. Hopefully they will keep up the good habit when they enter adulthood!

This tweet stresses the importance of preventative care, something our practice (and many others) really emphasizes.

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