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Everything You Need to Know About Implant Supported Dentures

An implant supported denture is a prosthetic dental appliance that is essentially a hybrid of dentures and dental implants. As the name suggests, it is a denture that is secured by dental implants for stability instead of just resting on the gums, as a traditional denture does. Many people aren’t aware of this treatment option and have many questions when their dentist recommends an implant supported denture.

Implant Supported Dentures Are More Comfortable

One of the biggest complaints of denture patients is that they have a hard time keeping their denture from slipping around. Implant supported dentures solve this problem by providing an anchor for the denture. Since the denture doesn’t slip around, it is usually much more comfortable. Patients typically find that it is easier to eat, speak, and smile when their dentures are anchored with dental implants.

Implant Supported Dentures Can Be Financed

Often patients are deterred from receiving the dental treatment they need due to financial reasons. If they don’t have the cash at the moment they think that their dental treatment is out of the question. Implant supported dentures, along with many dental procedures, can be financed, allowing you to make payments towards your implant supported dentures over a specified time period.

Implant Supported Dentures Are Removable

Even though implant supported dentures are anchored using dental implants, they can still be removed for easy cleaning. In fact, it is recommended that you remove your dentures nightly just as you would a regular denture to prevent any type of infection or complication.

There are Two Types of Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures can either be bar-retained dentures or ball-retained dentures. For bar-retained dentures, your dentist will fabricate a bar that follows the curve of your jaw and is attached to 4-5 dental implants. Your denture will fit on top of this bar and be connected using clips or attachments. For ball-retained dentures, the implants will have a ball-shaped attachment that allows the denture to clip directly into the implant. Both types of implant supported dentures provide greater stability and will look and feel just like natural teeth.


What questions do you have about implant supported dentures? Is this a treatment option you would consider if your dentist thought it would be appropriate for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1.   Jordan

    Very important information here! It’s so important that those who need dentures get the option that best suits their needs. Implant supported dentures are one of the better options I’d say!

  2.   Ethel

    It is good to know the different options available. I didn’t know much about implanted dentures but after reading this article I have a firm understanding of them! The fact that they are still comfortable and that they can be financed are big factors for me.

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