Everything You Could Possibly Want to Know About the Cost of Dental Implants

Are you considering implant dentistry in Richmond, VA?  Perhaps you have weighed the benefits of dentures and compared them to the benefits of tooth implants, but still have some questions.

More than likely, you are thinking about the cost of this dental service and might have heard many different numbers.

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

While we wish there was a simple, straight forward answer to this question, there isn’t.

If you’ve been researching the cost online for too long, you will start to see various numbers thrown about.  Some sites advise that dental implants can cost as low as $800; some sites advise that the range of costs is anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.  Other sites will advise that it all depends upon where you live, and if you live in a large city you can expect higher costs.

The best answer for this question is: we need to see you for an assessment so we can tailor an individual plan centered around your unique dental implant needs.

Ok, So What Factors Increase or Decrease the Costs?

While we don’t want to advise you on specific costs, we can help you better understand the factors that go into dental implants.

  • Multiple tooth replacements vs. single tooth replacement
  • Laboratory cost
  • The amount of reconstruction necessary to successfully complete the procedure
  • Tooth location
  • The need for us to collaborate with other dental specialists

A great way to ensure these costs are lowered is to practice and maintain good oral health—even after you discover your need for dental care.  Being scrupulous about your dental hygiene might lower the amount of reconstruction work needed to correctly perform the dental implant procedure.

Another popular question is the role your insurance provider will play in helping with the costs of dental implants.

Will My Insurance Pay for My Dental Implants?

Many people are surprised to learn that their dental insurance may have good implant coverage.  However, it is always prudent to check with your dental insurance provider and even your medical insurance provider to make sure you have covered all of your bases specific to your particular insurance plan. A common dental insurance benefit is for your insurance company to cover 50% of the cost of the implant.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry advises that if your insurance provider doesn’t offer some coverage, “ask if they are willing to give you an allowance towards implants equal to the cost of a bridge or traditional dentures.”

Should I Really Spend that Much on my Teeth?

Dental implants are a state of the art dental technique, and one of the very best solutions modern dentistry has to offer when it comes to tooth replacement.  When you consider the enormous benefits not only to your oral health but the aesthetic benefits as well, the cost of dental implants actually seems to be quite cheap.

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  1.   Laila

    Dental implants really are a work of art. They also need to be treated just like any other major organ in the body and that is with care. I have a friend that went in to get her dental implant fixed because it didn’t go in correctly. It was really interesting to hear how they adjusted it to get it perfect. I think a lot of dental clinics work hard to get that perfection because a lot of people expect perfect teeth.

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