valentines day alternatives for your smile

Valentines Day Alternatives That Are Good For Your Smile

There are many things we love about Valentine’s Day, but cavities aren’t one of them. Even though this is the one day of the year that eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner is totally acceptable, is it really worth the damage it may cause to your teeth in the long run?

Worry not! You can still have a fabulous Valentine’s Day without sacrificing your smile. We have put together a list of Valentine’s Day alternatives that are good for your smile so that you don’t have to miss any of the fun this February 14th.

Heart shaped fruit slices

Break out the cookie cutter and have some fun this Valentine’s Day! Make fruit shaped slices of apples, cantaloupe, melon, or kiwis for a treat that is both healthy and delicious.

Sugar-Free Gum and Mints

Give your Valentine a stick of sugar-free gum that they can enjoy guilt free! Bonus: pick a gum that has xylitol for extra cavity-fighting goodness.


What better way to express your burning love than with a candle? Nowadays there are candles in all shapes, sizes, and price points.

Lip Balm

The sky is the limit when it comes to finding a fun lip balm for your sweetheart! Lip balm is a perfect Valentine’s Day alternative because not only is it a great replacement for candy, it really is good for your smile!


Pick some single stem flowers to share with those you love on Valentine’s Day. You may be surprised at what a well-received Valentine’s Day alternative this ends up being!


As you can see, your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suffer in order in for you to enjoy some treats that are good for your smile. Pick one of these fun alternatives and enjoy a fun and healthy holiday this year!

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