Benefits Of A Paperless Dental Practice

Paper is slowly becoming a thing of the past. With the increased role that computers, tablets and cell phones play in everyone’s life, the need for paper in a dental practice has become almost obsolete.

The absence of paper in our Richmond, VA dental office helps keep all your personal information secure and also enables us to serve you quickly anytime you contact our office since we don’t have to hunt for your dental records.

Below is a list of several ways that we have eliminated paper in order to make your dental experience the very best that it can possibly be:

  • Our x-rays are entirely digital. For most of the x-rays that we need, you simply have to sit in the exam chair and relax while we snap them effortlessly. Within seconds the images will appear on the computer screen in front of you. No wasted time developing film = less time taken out of your busy schedule! 
  • Our dental records are all electronic. You won’t find any paper files floating around our office that could potentially be misplaced or seen by other patients. Additionally, there is no worry about illegible handwriting since everything is typed.
  • Our monthly patient newsletters are e-mailed right to your inbox. No wasted paper or postage, we simply zip over a short newsletter letting you know about all the exciting dental happenings for the month.
  • You can opt to receive e-mail and text message reminders for your upcoming appointments. Unless requested, we will not send you a postcard in the mail to remind you of your next dental appointment. Instead, we will shoot you a quick e-mail or text. Quick and easy!
  • We accept electronic payments. Simply visit your online account portal and pay whatever balance you may owe from the comfort of your own living room!

Have questions about your dental practice going digital? Just call or office or if you feel so inclined, write a letter and send it snail-mail. Even though we value convenience and security, it’s still nice to be reminded of “the way things once were” every now and then!

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