5 Ways Dentistry Enhances Your Lifestyle

Somewhere along the line dentistry got a bad wrap. We’re not sure quite when it happened (although we’re pretty sure the movie Horrible Bosses didn’t help), but for some reason many people have a negative association with “the dentist.” We work every day to change that and to educate our patients about the positive impact that proper dental care can have on their lives. Do you realize the value that a healthy smile brings to your life? If not, check out the 5 reasons we have listed below.

5 Ways Dentistry Enhances Your Lifestyle

1. If you have ever had a toothache, you know how miserable it is. You can’t think about anything else, you can’t sleep, and you can’t eat. Keeping your teeth healthy and strong ensures that toothaches don’t interrupt your busy lifestyle.

2. A healthy smile breeds confidence.

3. Many dental treatments are designed to last for the rest of your life. Orthodontics and dental implants are just two examples of these. They act as life-long lifestyle enhancements, and that is something to smile about!

4. Dentistry will help keep more than your mouth healthy. A healthy smile has been proven to have a positive effect on other organs throughout your body, including your heart.

5. Regular trips to the dentist for preventative care will help to minimize additional visits you may have to make for restorative work. This means less time out of your busy schedule and less money out of your pocket.

It is for all the reasons listed above that dentistry actually enhances your lifestyle. Although visiting the dentist may not be something you have looked forward to in the past, we want to change that at Rusnak Family Dentistry. We hope you will give us the chance to change your mind about dentistry in Richmond, VA!

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