Best Dental Infographics of 2014

Top 5 Dental Infographics of 2014

Sometimes the easiest way to learn something new is to see it in the form of a picture, so we have compiled the best infographics of 2014 to help teach you more about your dental health. These simple infographics provide you with tips on preventative dental care, facts about oral procedures, and information about how dental hygiene affects your body. Click on the following infographics to see them at a more suitable size.

#5: Top 10 Ways to Fight Bad Breath

Bad breath, medically referred to as halitosis, can be an embarrassing problem for many people. There are many causes for this dental issue and many factors can affect it for better or for worse. Halitosis may also be an indication of an underlying medical condition, so it is always important to speak to your doctor about any concerns you may have. This helpful infographic by Rainbow Dental Practice gives you ten ways to keep your breath fresh on a daily basis. While some of these may be obvious solutions, you may not know that some breath-freshening methods can be hurting instead of helping your problem.

The fifth best dental infographic of 2014

#4: A Lifetime of Dental Health

As you age, your oral health routine changes to adapt to differences in diet and growth, but many people still follow the same oral health routine that they learned as kids. Keep up to date on what dental care you require through your life with this handy infographic, created by Hampton Family Dentistry. From infant to senior, this useful chart provides dental care tips for every age.

The fourth best dental infographic of 2014

#3: The 411 On Dental X-Rays

Most everyone gets dental x-rays done at least once in their life. This chart explains the how, what, why, and even when of x-ray procedures, giving you fast facts about a subject most people don’t fully understand. Provided by Delta Dental, this infographic explains why dental x-rays are beneficial in detecting problems with your teeth.

 The third best dental infographic of 2014

#2: 7 Steps to Take Now To Avoid Dental Implants Later

No one wants to think about the possibility of getting serious dental work done down the road, but often prevention can be the key to avoiding serious work on your mouth later in life. This infographic, by Redfearn Family Dentistry, offers seven ways you can help prevent tooth decay and gum recession that can lead to dental problems as you age.

The second best dental infographic of 2014

#1: 10 Cool Truths About the Tooth

If you were to visit a dentist back in the Middle Ages for a toothache, your treatment plan would probably be…go kiss a donkey. Thank goodness we have a slightly more advanced approach nowadays! This fun and informative image from Benchmark Dental shares fun facts about teeth that you probably don’t know. Learn something new about your chompers with this awesome infographic.

The best dental infographic of 2014


Still haven’t gotten your fill of informative images? To see tons of valuable and educational infographics regarding your dental care, check out the Rusnak Family Dentistry Pinterest board.


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