Do Vegans Have Less Cavities?

A vegan lifestyle is more popular today than ever before. People typically choose to adhere to become vegan to preserve the lives of animals. While a vegan lifestyle does offer many benefits, it can lead to an increased risk of cavities.

Some vegans do not eat meat from living animals. Others, also refrain from eating animal products such as eggs and cheese. The majority of vegans stick to vegetable based and soybean foods.

Research has shown that eating these types of foods and staying away from meat and animal products can cause cavities because these vegan friendly foods do not contain certain amino acids that are known for reducing cavity causing plaque buildup.

One of these acids is known as arginine and is mainly found in meats. Also, since vegans eat many fruits that contain damaging acids that can weaken enamel, they are at higher risk of cavities.

If you lead a vegan lifestyle or are interested in doing so, opt for foods that are full of healthy amino acids that can break down the bacteria and plaque in your teeth and do your best to stay away from acidic fruits.

In the event you do eat acid rich foods, wait at least a half hour before brushing as brushing right after can put you at risk of brushing away the softened enamel from the exterior of your teeth. Some dermatologists have started in depth research on how Vegan’s skin responds to their diet.

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