Richmond, Virginia Dentist Who Offers Sealants Over Summertime for Kids

Summer is quickly approaching and it is a good time to schedule the kids for dental appointments, especially if they may need sealants.

What are sealants?

Sealants are a thin, protective coating (typically made from plastic or other materials) that sticks to the chewing surfaces of back teeth. They help to keep bits of food particles from settling on the teeth, while also keeping bacteria or acids from setting on the teeth, as well. By doing so, sealants are meant to decrease the likeliness of forming cavities and may even stop early stages of tooth decay from turning into a bad cavity. According the ADA, sealants have been able to reduce the risk of decay by nearly 80% of molars (back teeth).

Who can get sealants?

Generally, children are prime candidates for sealants and the earlier they get them, the better. The first molars typically appear around 6-years of age, and the second molars tend to erupt around 12-years of age (or earlier). If the dentist can seal these teeth as soon as possible, your child will be off to a good start!

How are sealants applied?

A dentist will be the one who applies your child’s sealants. While your child is in the dental, the dentist will clean and dry the tooth prior to placing an acidic gel on the tooth being sealed. This gel allows a strong bond to form between the tooth and sealant. After a few seconds, the dentist will rinse off the acidic gel and dry the tooth again prior to applying the sealant onto the grooves or pits of the tooth. Following, the dentist will use a bright blue light that helps to harden the sealant. Once all of these steps are complete, your child should have a nicely sealed tooth!

After a period of time, your child may need new sealants since they don’t last forever. During regular visits, the dentist will check your child’s sealants and let you know how they are doing. If needed, the dentist will replace any sealants.

Contact River Run Dental for Sealants This Summer:

If your child is in need of sealants, River Run Dental, located in Richmond, Virginia has availability this summer! The time is now yours to schedule your child while school is out for the summer; please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your child’s appointment or if you have any questions.