Best Toothpaste for Smokers with Sensitive Gums

If you’re a smoker, you likely have sensitive gums. Here at River Run Dental, we recommend a number of toothpastes to smokers who are coping with gum and teeth sensitivity. Here’s a closer look at a few of our recommendations:

Sensodyne has been around for nearly 60 years. It was specifically formulated to help people overcome tooth and gum sensitivity while still offering cavity protection, fresh breath, and the other benefits that are seen on traditional toothpaste brands. This toothpaste is affordable and can do wonders for sensitivity.

Colgate Sensitive
Colgate Sensitive features potassium nitrate, which is an anti-sensitivity ingredient, which can reach deep into the teeth and gums to desensitize them. We suggest this tip because it can provide relief from sensitivity while protecting the teeth against cavities.

Crest Sensi-Relief
Crest Sensi-Relief is a good alternative to Sensodyne because it contains the same proven ingredients. If you don’t like the taste of Sensodyne or similar toothpastes, this may be your best bet as it tastes great.

All of these toothpastes can easily be found at the drugstore, grocery store, or online. If your tooth and gum sensitivity becomes severe, we encourage you to visit our Richmond, VA office. You may have a serious condition that cannot be treated by simply using special toothpaste.

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