Summer Must Haves for the Kids: Healthy Smiles

We are nearing towards the end of the school year and the fun will soon start when the kids are out of school for the summer! Whether you’re going to be busy taking the kids to summer league practices, swimming at the pool all summer long or have a lot of family vacations planned, the last thing on your mind might be taking care of the kids teeth, which is understandable with a busy summer routine. However, there are a few “must haves” that we recommend for the summer so that you can stay on top of your kid’s healthy smile:

1. Stick with a Positive At-Home Routine:

Since a summer schedule can be so difficult to keep up with, this can put a strain on the regularity of an at-home oral hygiene routine. Even if you let the kids go to bed at later times or put them to bed early after a full day of playing, don’t forget to make sure that they’re brushing and flossing their teeth. If need be, some parents may supervise their children to ensure they’re brushing for at least 2 minutes, which can be fun for the kids. By doing this, the kids will be given the opportunity to show off their great brushing and flossing skills to their parents!

2. Be Cautious of Swimming at the Pool and Keeping the Teeth Clean:

During the summer heat, the swimming pool can be an excellent place to cool off and have some fun for the kids. However, many pools are filled with chlorine in addition to other chemicals, which is capable of discoloring the teeth after prolonged exposure also known as “swimmers calculus.” If you notice that your child’s teeth may look discolored or abnormal, it is recommend that you contact a dentist immediately!

3. Try to Refrain from Sugary Drinks or Snacks:

Since summer is full of fun, this means that you may give the kids some drinks or snacks that they may not usually get during the year. While sugary treats like this can be okay with moderation, try to do your best and refrain from too much sugary drinks or snacks.

The summers hot and the kids might ask for lemonade or sweet tea, simply, replace a drink like this with water! They’ll need lots of water this summer to stay hydrated during the heat and it’s much better on the teeth.

4. Wearing a mouth guard for any contact sports:

Keeping the kids active this summer is wonderful for them especially with sporting events! However, with some sports where injury is possible, damage to the teeth is capable of occurring as well. Watch out for this and avoid any teeth injuries with a special mouth guard. Contact the dentist if you’re interested in your child receiving a mouth guard!

At River Run Dental Spa, we treat families at our office and welcome both new and returning families! Please contact our office to book your children’s dental appointments while the kids are out of school for the summer.