Does Senator Mark Warner Have Veneers?

Senator Mark Warner was elected in 2008 and has been a mainstay in Virginia politics ever since. We have had the opportunity to watch him “grow up” as a Senator over the last decade plus. In this time, many people have asked our dentist and dental assistants about Mark Warner’s set of teeth. As with almost any celebrity or political figure that is in the spotlight, people want to know if they have had dental implants, veneers or if they do teeth whitening.

Mr. Warner has teeth similar to President Joe Biden in they are very noticeable and some would describe them as “long” or “oversized”. This is not uncommon amongst Americans. In fact, you probably know someone that looks as if they have long teeth.

We are not at liberty to say if Senator Mark Warner has veneers or has had any type of dental implants or oral health surgery. The only dentist or medical professional that can verify that would be his family dentist. That said, under HIPAA privacy rules and guidelines, they would not disclose this information. You may find some information on message boards, Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere on the Internet that claims to know if Senator Mark Warner has veneers or dental implants but this is just conjecture. While some have made assumptions about plastic surgery or going to an esteemed dermatologist, but, once again, that is not something we can make a statement on.

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