Same Day Emergency Dental Appointments in Libbie Mill, VA

Emergencies, as much as we try to prevent or plan for them, they happen. The same philosophy stands for dental emergencies!

Whether a filling fell out, a crown broke in half unexpectedly, a tooth fell out because of an accident, you are experiencing a dental abscess, etc. dental emergencies happen! The fact of the matter is you need to find a reliable dental office that is flexible who works with you regarding dental emergencies. Thankfully, here, at River Run Dental Spa opening up in November 2022 in the Libbie Mill area in Richmond, VA, we work directly with new and returning patients who suffer from same day dental emergencies.

If you are currently suffering from a dental emergency, whether you are a patient of record or a new patient, we ask that you call immediately in order to get you scheduled with us the same day. If you are experiencing extreme pain or facial swelling we need to schedule you immediately, so please do not hesitate to wait for this type of situation. Dental infections regarding the teeth are not to be taken lightly as infection can result in serious complications down the road if left alone. In other instances, if you have experienced a major accident regarding trauma to the face or jaws, you should go to the emergency room if the dentist is not available on call or over the weekend. Once you have an appointment scheduled, we have various dental providers in our Libbie Mill location who will complete an exam to diagnose and treat the emergency according to your needs. If by chance you need treatment that very same day, it will be done!

We offer the following services in our office:
-Tooth extractions
-Gum treatment therapy
-Partials/Full Dentures
-TMD/TMJ therapy
-Professional Whitening

For any other questions regarding emergency dental appointments in the Libbie Mill area in Richmond, VA area, please do not hesitate to ask! We will gladly answer any questions you have or provide further information as needed. Please visit our website or call us directly at (804)-587-0525, thank you!