Richmond, Virginia Dentist with Summer Availability

Visiting the dentist during the summer can be a win-win for the whole family!

As a parent, you know that the kids won’t have to miss out on any schoolwork or instructional time because school won’t be in session and the kids will get to start the summer with a healthy and beautiful smile. Plus, if your child needs any additional treatment following their check-up appointment, you’ll have plenty of time to do so during the summer!

If you are looking for a dentist with summer availability in the Richmond, Virginia area, then you have come to the right place. Those of us at River Run Dental welcome you and would be more than happy to schedule the kids, or better yet, the entire family for their routine dental visits this summer!

Why choose River Run Dental?

At River Run Dental, we put our patients first and make it our priority to change your dental experience. Gone are the days that you or the kids need to feel afraid to come to the dentist because we make sure that you feel comfortable in the dental chair. Frankly, our dentists are exceptional and their work is unmatched. You’ll find at River Run Dental that the whole family can find a dentist that they love and look forward to seeing every six months!

Treatments that we offer:

This summer if you are looking for just regular dental maintenance, we certainly have a team of excellent dental hygienists who would be professionally cleaning those pearly whites for both you and the kids. However we also offer a variety of other services, which include:

Crowns and Bridges
Dental implants
Gum disease treatment
Nutrition counseling
Tooth Extractions
Partial dentures
Root canal therapy
Teeth cleanings
TMD/TMJ therapy
Professional Teeth Whitening

Contact Us:

For your convenience, you can simply contact us to set up your dental appointments, or please feel free to call our office at (804) 823-7432. We would be more than happy to assist you and schedule your appointment over the phone. We look forward to seeing you and the family this summer!