Pool Water and Teeth: Why Do My Child’s Teeth Look Abnormal?

With the summer quickly approaching that means warmer weather and nice sunshine. However, it can be hard for the kids to find something to do when the temperatures get just too hot to play outside. Luckily, playing in a swimming pool can help to solve some of this problem. The kids can burn off energy and stay cool while doing it.

Chlorine and Teeth:

Today, many pools are made of chlorine depending on the pool that you go to. In fact, heavily chlorinated pools have pH levels that can adversely affect the enamel of the teeth. If you’ve been taking the kids to the pool every day and notice that your child’s teeth appear discolored (brown or yellow), it is more than likely that the chlorine has caused some damage to the enamel, which is also referred to as “swimmer’s calculus.”

What You Can Do:

If you notice that your child’s teeth look abnormal or discolored, contact a local dentist for an appointment to have your child seen. In the meantime, try and follow these steps to prevent any swimmers calculus from occurring in the future:

Make an effort to tell your children not to swallow or have pool water come in contact with their mouths. Stress the importance of this as much as you can because the teeth will benefit in the long run!

If at a neighborhood pool or public pool, try to ask the lifeguard or pool manager what the pH levels of the pool are. According to the CDC, a normal pH level should fall between 7.2 and 7.8 on the pH scale. If you find that the pH of the pool water is below 7, this would be a threat to your child’s teeth.

If there aren’t lifeguards or pool managers at the pool you go to, there are some signs that can indicate a concerning pH level for the teeth. Look to see if the pool linings, railings, or ladders appear abnormal or eroded, which would occur in pool water that is too acidic.

Pool pH strips are available at common sporting stores or pool supply stores and would also allow you to take an accurate reading of the pH of the water.

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