Can I Reschedule My Child’s Dental Visit to This Summer?

Regular dental visits are very important to maintain! This is especially true for children. Contrary to what some may believe, baby teeth (primary teeth) are extremely important because they set the pathway for success of the adult (permanent) teeth. So, if you’re child has their 6-month dental appointment coming up it’s important that they make it there.

6-Month Dental Appointments:

At your child’s 6-month dental appointment, a few things will be likely to occur. New x-rays may be taken if they are overdue for x-rays, which will help the dentist during your child’s dental exam to identify any changes to the teeth and mouth. If the dentist sees any decay (cavities) he or she may develop a treatment plan for your child in order to get these teeth filled.

Additionally, your child will visit with his or her dental hygienist to make sure that they receive a good professional teeth cleaning. During the cleaning, the hygienist will be sure to remove any stubborn plaque from the teeth and polish them off so that they’re shiny and bright. Once done polishing, the hygienist will floss your child’s teeth and may give your child any information that would benefit your child’s at-home dental hygiene routine. For example, how long they should brush their teeth or how important it is to floss the teeth.

Rescheduling your child’s 6-month Appointment:

Since your child’s 6-month appointment is so beneficial, it is important that they make it there. However, if for whatever reason you need to reschedule and you know that an appointment during the summer may work better for you and your schedule, this is okay to do. Just be sure that you don’t wait too long! Try to call the dental office as soon as you know of a date and time that might work better for you and the kids.

Contact Us:

At River Run Dental, we would be more than happy to schedule your children’s summer dental appointments today! We understand that the summer is a great time to take the kids to their much-needed appointments, so why not start at the dental office.

Please contact us immediately to schedule or reschedule any dental appointments.