How Quickly Can I Get a Replacement Retainer?

After you complete orthodontic treatment, your dentist will likely recommend a retainer. A retainer is designed to help you retain your new and improved smile. Without one, your teeth will probably move back to their original position. This is called relapse and is often the result of factors like aging and gum development.

Time after time, research proves that retainers reduce the risk of relapse. As long as you keep them in your mouth and follow your dentist’s or orthodontist’s directions to a tee, you can keep the straight teeth you’ve worked so hard to achieve. While you will probably have to wear your retainer the entire day initially, it will be comfortable and molded to fit your mouth.

When Do Retainers Need to Be Replaced?

Eventually, you may need a replacement retainer. There are several signs that will indicate the retainer you currently have can no longer perform its job optimally. If your retainer is worn or has holes in it, it’s time for a new one. A cracked, broken, or severely discolored retainer should be replaced as well. Another sign that indicates you’re due for a replacement is a poorly fitting retainer. Of course, if you lose your retainer, you’ll need a replacement too.

How to Get a Replacement Retainer

As soon as you realize your retainer must be replaced, call your dentist. If you received your retainer fairly recently, they may be able to order it right away. You may need to visit the office for new measurements if it’s been some time since. This way a model of your teeth can be created in-house or by an outside lab. Most dentists will work hard to expedite your new retainer and make sure you receive it as soon as possible.

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