Should I Get a Permanent Retainer as an Adult?

As an adult , it may seem like only children or adolescents should receive orthodontic treatment. However, adults are perfectly capable of receiving orthodontic treatment as well! Adults deserve to be just as comfortable with their teeth as younger individuals, so please do not be under the impression that there is a specific age limit determined on when to receive “the look” you may have always desired for your smile!

Text: Another name for a permanent retainer that is widely used in dentist offices is a bonded retainer.

Permanent retainers

If you are an adult and are thinking about receiving orthodontic treatment, a permanent retainer may come to mind. Specifically, a permanent retainer, or “fixed retainer” is placed to keep teeth from shifting away from a desired position and is removed by the dental professional after the determined treatment time.

With a permanent retainer, a custom-fitted wire is bonded to the tongue-side of the teeth. Since permanent retainers are placed on the tongue-side of the teeth, only the patient knows that it exists there, which can be an added benefit if you may be self-conscious of others noticing a retainer. You also won’t have to ever worry about accidentally throwing your retainer away or losing it because they are not removable!

Text: Permanent retainers can also help with tongue thrusting and temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

Additionally, it is very important with permanent retainers that you brush and floss diligently in order to keep your retainer clean. When brushing, it would be helpful to spend more time brushing the back of the teeth (where the retainer wire is bonded) to help remove any bacteria or plaque on the teeth so that it cannot harden and stick to the wire. Typically, interproximal brushes and floss-threaders, which help to fit floss between the permanent retainer will be given to you to help make routine brushing and flossing easier.

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Text: You may need to visit the dentist for more frequent cleanings if you have a permanent retainer.