Should I Use Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening Strips?

It’s important to know that “white” teeth are not always naturally white. Tooth enamel actually varies in different shades. Over time, the enamel can even change color or become stained. Many aspects can contribute to tooth discoloration. For example, genetics, aging, illnesses, medicines, tobacco use, and even food or drinks that contain staining agents like coffee, red wine or tea.

Although, you should not be discouraged because a pearly white smile is certainly something you can achieve! However, how to make your smile whiter may be the ultimate question. Should you try over-the-counter whitening strips or receive whitening treatment in a dental office?

For whitening treatments, it is recommended that they be received in a dental office because there are factors regarding tooth whitening that only a dental professional can properly assess. Ultimately, the trained dental professional would know firsthand whether teeth whitening would be comfortable and appropriate for you. Additionally, a dentist would be able to monitor any potential problems that take may occur during whitening treatment. This is especially important for patients who have extremely sensitive teeth.

Since whitening strips contain bleaching agents, this can contribute to tooth sensitivity. For a patient who already has existing sensitivity, an over-the-counter whitening strip may cause discomfort or irritate the gums resulting in further sensitivity.

As an added benefit of an in-office whitening treatment, you usually see quicker results than any over-the counter whitening strips. After just one whitening visit, patients generally see that their teeth are six to ten shades whiter after one treatment. Whereas, an over-the-counter product may take anywhere from a two to four week period to display results.

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