What is Needed to Change Dentists in Richmond, VA?

If you are new to the Richmond area or looking to change dentists for any reason, don’t worry because the process of doing so is fairly straightforward. All you’ll really need to do is ask your old dentist to transfer your dental records to your new one.

Your dental records should contain information about your oral care history and include your x-rays, diagnostic records, treatment plans, and home care instructions. They should also contain consent forms and any communications you had with your dentist as well.

So, why is this so important? First and foremost, it will allow your new dentist to get a detailed view of your long-term oral health. They can use this information to create a customized treatment plan that is ideal for your unique needs. Without your records, your dentist may not know which dental procedures you’ve had or which problems you may have experienced.

While you can give them an overview of your dental health on your own, the records document everything in an accurate manner and come from dental professionals so they are definitely preferred. In addition, if you’ve recently had x-rays taken by your old dentist and get them transferred, you can save time and money at your new dentist.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to make sure your records get transferred over to your new dentist:

  • Contact your old dentist and inform them that you’re switching offices and would like to have your records sent to your new dentist.
  • Sign the release form that shows you are okay with having your records transferred out.
  • Ask your new dentist to call your old dentist and formally ask for the records.

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