How Long After a Teeth Cleaning Can I Eat?

Most people know that brushing twice per day and flossing regularly is essential for healthy teeth and gums. However, many forget the importance of visiting the dentist for professional teeth cleanings. As children we were often urged to make a dental appointment six months in advance to make certain our teeth were cleaned twice a year. Those with very responsible parents found that they were required to visit the dentist every six months. Others took the responsibility upon themselves to avoid cavities or any type of pain.

Text: A study showed that more than 5,000 adults who visit the dentist once or twice a year for 16 consecutive years did not have a history of gum disease.

By making it a priority to visit your dentist every six months or so for a professional teeth cleaning, you can:

Tartar Removal

Although you can remove plaque by brushing your teeth, you can’t remove its hardened form. Fortunately, our team of dental professional have the tools and skills necessary to remove tartar in every area of your mouth.

Catch Diseases Early On

A dental hygienist and dentist can perform a thorough examination of your mouth and let you know whether you have any diseases or oral health issues early on. For instance, gingivitis, which is an early form of gum disease can be treated with a dental cleaning. However, if it is not caught early, it can become worse and lead to gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screenings

River Run Dental Spa performs an oral cancer screening during every dental exam and professional teeth cleaning. If the disease is caught early, the chances of survival is high, making it imperative to get your mouth checked for this disease.


After your teeth cleaning has been completed, you may be asked whether you’d like fluoride. Fluoride is responsible for preventing tooth decay by defending your teeth against acid caused by plaque and sugars in your mouth.

In the event you do undergo fluoride treatment, you should wait at least 30 minutes after the cleaning before eating or drinking. This way, you can ensure the treatment takes full effect and the teeth have been able to absorb the fluoride. If you do not receive fluoride, you can eat and drink immediately after your cleaning.

Text: 58% of Americans surveyed in 2018 reported that they visit the dentist at least once a year. This number is down from the 62% in 2016.

Facts About Professional Teeth Cleanings

Professional Teeth Cleanings Can Save You Money

If you have dental insurance, your plan likely covers two cleanings a year. By receiving these cleanings, you can reduce your risk of serious diseases and conditions that may cost you a great deal of money down the road. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, the out-of-pocket costs of cleanings can save you money as well.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Are Relaxing

For some reason, professional teeth cleanings are often associated with pain and discomfort. If you go to a quality dental provider like River Run Dental, you’ll find them to be quite relaxing. We’ve worked hard to create a like experience for our patients and have no doubts you’ll thoroughly enjoy your cleanings.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Can Diagnose Problems Early On

Even if you aren’t experiencing any abnormal symptoms, professional dental cleanings can help diagnose problems early on. This can save you money, headaches, and frustration in the future. Therefore, you should opt for professional cleanings even if you think your teeth and gums are in great shape.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Are Affordable

At River Run Dental, we believe that money shouldn’t get in the way of achieving healthy teeth and gums. That’s why, we’ll work with you to design a payment plan that aligns well with your budget and lifestyle. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, we make professional teeth cleanings within reach.

Text: 11% of Americans stated that they visit the dentist once every two to three years.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Are Educational

One of the main goals of professional teeth cleanings is to educate you on how to properly care for your teeth and gums. Your dentist will give you tips and tricks and answer any questions you may have. They may also give you a goodie bag filled with a toothbrush and dental floss and show you how to use them appropriately.

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