Can You Get Just Your Front Teeth Whitened?

If you have noticed discoloration (stains) on your teeth lately, it may be discouraging; however, what you should know is that it is very common. Tooth discoloration can be caused by problems with the tooth enamel, internal problems with the tooth, or even from extrinsic staining, which refers to stains caused by food, beverages, and tobacco products. You may be wondering what there is to fix any discoloration and there are actually a few options depending on your case!

Specifically, if your teeth seem to show signs of extrinsic staining from foods, beverages or tobacco use, it may be light enough where a thorough professional cleaning by a dental hygienist could make you look as good as new! In other circumstances, depending on your case, and the discoloration caused by problems within the teeth, you may be able to benefit from whitening or veneers.

If you would like to whiten the front teeth only, this is certainly a question for the dentist! Most likely, he or she may have a special procedure, where a whitening treatment could be customizable to the front teeth only. Something else to consider, if you only wish to whiten a couple of the front teeth, you would be and excellent candidate for veneers, which are very thin piece of porcelain custom made meant to fit over a natural tooth. In a way, you could think of a veneer as if it were an extremely thin crown. In fact, like crowns, veneers are also created to match the tooth shade of your choice.

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