Why Do My Gums Always Bleed After Flossing?

“Floss floss floss!”

It’s possible that you have heard this many times by a dentist or dental hygienist. Although, the words may seem repetitive, flossing is very important for your oral health. Using an interdental cleaner, such as floss actually helps to rid the bacteria that build up in-between the teeth. Over time, if the bacteria are not properly removed it can harden (tartar), which can create inflammation and swelling when you floss. These symptoms are also signs of gingivitis, a term used to describe gum inflammation that is caused by excess plaque on the teeth. If you notice that your gums are bleeding after flossing, this actually indicates that you aren’t flossing quite enough!

It may seem odd at first, but even if you see blood while you floss, you should continue to keep flossing. The bleeding can be reversed. In fact, flossing is very similar to muscle soreness after a workout. The more frequent you work out, the less sore your muscles feel afterwards. The same principle goes for flossing! The more frequent you floss, the less the gums should bleed. Once you have adjusted to a daily flossing routine, the bleeding should subside.

While flossing, you will want to make certain that you are using a proper technique, as well. Sometimes, improper technique can cause damage to the gums contributing to bleeding. You’ll want to use the floss in-between two teeth, moving up and down gently below the gum line and forming a C-shape around the base of the tooth. Do not ever force floss in certain areas, as this can also cause further damage to the gum tissue.

If you seem to notice that your gums are still bleeding after flossing regularly, there could be something else going on. Vitamin deficiencies, hormones, some medications, brushing too hard and even certain diseases like diabetes can contribute to bleeding, as well. Speak with a dentist should your bleeding prolong even with a regular flossing routine to evaluate your symptoms.

Should you notice bleeding gums while flossing and have any questions, please contact River Run Dental Spa today! An evaluation by a dentist can help to assess any bleeding or concerns that you may have. We also offer professional cleanings to get rid of any bacteria that may be built up in the mouth.