Emergency Dentist in Midlothian, Virginia

If you’re in search of an emergency dentist in Midlothian, Virginia, River Run Dental has you covered. Our brand new office offers a variety of services, including emergency care in a tranquil, spa-like environment.

Regardless of the type of emergency you, your child, or family member experience, rest assured our friendly, experienced dental team will serve you right away. Simply call our office, explain the situation, and we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

Types of Dental Emergencies

There are a number of dental emergencies that may pop up when you least expect them to. Loose teeth, excessive bleeding, swollen cheeks, and knocked out teeth are some of the most common ones we see in our office. The good news is that most dental emergencies are non-urgent, meaning they don’t require immediate care.

These non-urgent emergencies include small chips, cracked teeth, and minor tooth sensitivity. In the event your emergency is non-urgent, we’ll let you know how to care for it in the comfort of your own home. Our Harrisburg, NC emergency dental friends, McNeely Family Dentistry, have reported an uptick in children emergencies with more children at home during the school day being home schooled. This is not a surprise.

Why River Run Dental

River Run Dental is not your ordinary dental office. Our goal is to ensure you’re relaxed while you’re at our office, especially if you’re dealing with a dental emergency. We offer sparkling water, aromatherapy, headphones, and other comfort services to allow you to do just that.

In addition, we pledge to see you at your appointment time so you don’t have to worry about waiting. Our office also offers a variety of high-quality oral health care supplies to save you trips to the stores and pharmacy.

Contact River Run Dental Today

Our beautiful new office is located at 14261 Winterview Pkwy in Midlothian. If you or someone you love are facing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can be reached at 804-335-0228 and look forward to hearing from you!