Does Any Coffee Not Stain Your Teeth?

Coffee is a part of most people’s daily routine. It can give you the energy you need to make it through work or school. While coffee can make your everyday life easier, it is not great for your teeth. It can cause stains that can be difficult to remove. Although almost every type of coffee has the potential to stain your teeth, there are ways you can prevent coffee stains. Here are some strategies:

Add Milk

One of the reasons coffee stains teeth so much is because of its dark color. By adding milk to your coffee, you’ll lighten the color of your drink and be able to protect your teeth. It’s essential to note that only cow milk will help prevent staining. Unfortunately, soy milk does not contain the same type of proteins as cow milk and may stain teeth.

Use a Straw

This may seem strange but using a straw while drinking your coffee is a great way to prevent stains. It allows you to drink your coffee without it ever touching and staining your teeth. If your coffee is too hot to drink through a straw, allow it to cool down a bit.

Opt for Decaf or Cold Brew

If possible, drink decaf coffee. Since it contains less caffeine, it’s less likely to stain your teeth. If you’re not a fan of decaf but would like to prevent stains, you can brew your coffee cold. While cold brewing may take longer, it can effectively prevent coffee stains.

Brush After Drinking

Try to get into the habit of thoroughly brushing your teeth after drinking coffee. In the event you can’t do this because you’re at work or another location where you don’t have a toothbrush handy, swish your mouth with a bit of water.

Schedule a Professional Whitening Appointment at River Run Dental

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