What Christmas Candy is Best for Your Teeth and Oral Health?

Now that it’s almost Christmas, you’ll likely be surrounded by candy at home, work, and holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, most Christmas candy is packed with sugar, which can breed bacteria and produce cavity causing acids. While it’s okay to eat sugary candy every now and then, overindulging on it this season can lead to cavities and other oral complications.

The good news is that there are some types of Christmas candy that are better for your teeth and oral health. Here at River Run Dental, we encourage out patients to stay away from candy canes, an iconic holiday candy, as much as possible. Candy canes are essentially pure sugar and can easily cause cavities.

Instead of candy canes and other popular sugar filled Christmas candy, we suggest chocolate candy. Snickers, Kit Kats, and Three Musketeers are examples of chocolate candy that can satisfy your sweet tooth without wreaking havoc on your teeth and gums.

This is because chocolate dissolves quickly in the mouth and can be eaten easily. When you eat holiday candy with chocolate, you decrease the amount of time sugar stays in contact with your teeth. A glass of chocolate milk is another good option because it reduces the acidity that candy leaves on the teeth. Of course, too much chocolate candy is never a good thing so be mindful of how much of it you eat.

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