What Should I Do If Candy Gets Stuck to My Teeth?

This holiday season, you’ll likely be indulging in some candy. Although candy can be harmful to your teeth, especially when it’s loaded with sugar, it’s okay to enjoy a few sweet treats every now and then.

While you are eating candy, you may notice some of it gets stuck to your teeth. This is more likely to happen if the candy is hard. If this happens, remain calm and know that there are a variety of ways to remove it. Here at River Run Dental, we recommend these tips:

Use a Toothpick or Dental Pick
You may be tempted to scrape at your candy with a pocket knife or another piece of metal. Since you can easily scrape your enamel or gums, use a toothpick or dental pick instead.

Swish Some Water
You may also want to stretch your tongue and jaw into different positions in order to get the candy out. Doing so can lead to chewing and speech issues, making it a better idea to swish some warm water between your teeth instead to loosen the piece of candy.

Use a Fork
If you’re at a party or restaurant when you get candy stuck in your teeth, take a fork to the bathroom and use the mirror to remove the candy. Don’t feel embarrassed as this is common. Be very, very careful doing this.

Contact River Run Dental Spa

If you cannot get the candy out after trying these strategies, we encourage you to contact our Richmond, VA office today at (804) 262-1060.