When is the Best Time to Get Teeth Whitened?

Discolored teeth can take away from your confidence. The good news is that they can be resolved through a professional teeth whitening treatment at River Run Dental. Recently, we’ve had many patients wonder about the best time for a teeth whitening treatment.

There really is no “perfect time” to get your teeth whitened. However, we recommend that you get your teeth whitened after you get them cleaned at our office. If you don’t have time that day, you can always come in the following day for a whitening treatment.

Regardless of when you get your teeth professionally whitened, we have no doubts you’ll love our Zoom whitening treatment. In only an hour, Zoom can leave you with teeth that are up to 8 shades whiter. You’ll enjoy a brighter smile without any side effects or downtime.

During a Zoom whitening treatment, you can expect a potent hydrogen peroxide gel to be applied to your teeth. Then, a special Zoom UV light will help the peroxide whiten your teeth quickly. While you may undergo multiple treatments, we have found that many patients are satisfied with just one session and maintain their results with occasional touch-ups.

You will find that Zoom will leave you with far superior results than DIY treatments such as fancy toothpastes, trays, and strips. Once you experience Zoom for the first time, you’ll say goodbye to the previous expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective products you may have used in the past. Regardless of whether you have a special event coming up or you simply hope to feel more confident about your smile, Zoom is sure to exceed your expectations.

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