Best ChapStick Alternatives for Sensitive and Dry Lips

Let’s be honest. Dry lips are not only unsightly, they’re uncomfortable. If you have dry, sensitive lips, you may be tempted to apply some ChapStick to them. After all, ChapStick has been around since the beginning of time and seems to be a staple product for dry lips. The truth, however, is that ChapStick can actually make your lips worse. If you use it often, you’ll find that it lays on top of your lips without actually healing them.

If you have dry, sensitive lips, you need to find a product or solution that heals them. The good news is there are a number of great ChapStick alternatives that can do wonders for your lips. Here are some options for you to consider.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera can hydrate your lips effectively. You can buy a gel-like substance and apply it to them. If your lips are very dry, it can provide you with immediate relief. Fortunately, aloe vera is very inexpensive.
Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is found in many beauty products because it can soften hair, skin,and lips. Get a hold of some coconut oil and mix it with hot water. Then, apply the mixture to your lips. Olive oil, almond oil, and canola oil can get the job done as well.
Cucumber: This may sound strange but a cucumber can improve sensitive, dry lips. Cut the cucumber up into pieces and rub them on your lips. The water inside it will soothe any cracks or flakes you may have.
Water: Your lips may feel dry because they’re dehydrated. Therefore, it’s a good idea to drink at least 8 ounces of water each day. This will keep moisture in your lips and prevent dryness.
Humidifier: Buy a humidifier and plug it into your bedroom. It can add additional moisture into the air and stop your lips from drying out.
Fish: If you want hydrated lips, introduce fish or add more of it to your diet. It’s made of omega-3 fatty acids which can add moisture into your skin and lips. If you’re not a fan of seafood, opt for fish oil supplements instead.
Avoid Licking: While it may be tempting to do so, don’t lick your lips. Licking cracked, dry lips can worsen the problem.

Are Lip Balms a Good Option?

There are countless lip balms on the market. When you shop for a lip balm, look for a natural product that’s free of artificial flavors. Ideally, the lip balm you choose will contain organic ingredients like petroleum jelly, beeswax, and shea butter.

Stay away from lip balms with menthol, phenol, or salicylic acid. These products will likely irritate your lips and do more harm than good. You should also make sure that your lip balm contains an SPF as the sun can quickly dry them out. Some of our favorite lip balm brands are Dr. Bronner’s and Burt’s Bees. Our Austin, Texas dermatologist friends suggests both Dr. Bronner’s and Burt’s Bees.

Lip balm is a cosmetic product that is designed to protect and moisturize the lips. It typically contains a combination of ingredients that work together to provide a protective barrier over the skin of the lips, preventing moisture loss and reducing the risk of chapping, cracking, and other forms of damage.

The primary active ingredients in lip balm are typically emollients, which are substances that help to soften and soothe the skin. Common emollients used in lip balms include oils, waxes, and butters such as beeswax, shea butter, and cocoa butter. These ingredients help to seal in moisture, while also providing a smooth and creamy texture that feels good on the lips.

Lip balms may also contain additional ingredients such as humectants, which are substances that attract and retain moisture, and antioxidants, which can help to protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

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