Should I Use a WaterPik Before or After I Brush My Teeth?

Waterpiks are more popular today than ever before. While Waterpiks vary in size and features, all of them include a motor with a pump, a water reservoir, and a special water flosser tip. Waterpiks bring a stream of water into the mouth and remove plaque, food particles, and bacteria. They also create a pulsating action, which stimulates the gum tissue.

A Waterpik may be right for you if you don’t like to use traditional floss, find traditional floss hard to use, or don’t floss as much as you should. You’ll likely find water flossing to be easier and more enjoyable than traditional floss and may use it more often as a result.

All you’ll need to do is place the tip of the water flosser in your mouth, close your lips most of the way, and lean over a sink. Once you turn the power on, floss along your gumline and between your teeth. Be sure to allow the water to empty from your mouth into the sink.

The ideal time to use a Waterpik is before you brush your teeth. This is because doing so can allow you to remove food debris and plaque. When you use a Waterpik before brushing your teeth, teeth brushing becomes more effective. Here at River Run Dental, we recommend using a Waterpik in the evening before you go to bed because you typically go the longest without food or drink overnight.

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