What Holds on a Permanent Retainer?

After you complete your orthodontic treatment, an orthodontist will likely prescribe a permanent retainer. The purpose of a permanent retainer is to keep your teeth from moving and ensure you maintain your straight teeth and beautiful smile for years to come. So, what exactly is a permanent retainer and what hold on to it? Keep reading to find out.

Also known as a fixed retainer or bonded retainer, a permanent retainers is a tiny metal bar or wire that holds your teeth in place and prevents them from moving after you’ve completed your braces treatment. The best part of a permanent retainer is that you don’t have to worry about putting in your mouth.

It will always be in your mouth so you can count on it to work its magic and hold your teeth in their proper positions. The retainer will be cemented to your teeth permanently so there’s no need to remind yourself to wear it every day or night or keep it clean. Fortunately, it’s virtually unnoticeable so nobody will know you’re wearing it unless you tell them. This is because it’s bonded to the tongue side of your teeth.

One of the disadvantages of a permanent retainer is that it can make it difficult to clean your teeth. In addition, the wire can trap food and bacteria and increase your risk of dental issues. It may also be difficult to get used to when you first start wearing it and cause a bit of discomfort.

Whether or not a permanent retainer is a good option for you will depend on your unique situation. Poor hygiene and consuming foods that cause the retainer to detach from the back of your teeth may mean that you are better off with a removable retainer.

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