Best Places to Eat in Richmond After Visiting the Dentist

Whether you have skipped breakfast or had a long appointment at the dental office, it is likely that a bite to eat sounds like something you may be wanting afterwards. Luckily, River Run Dental is wonderfully located within range of excellent places to eat in Richmond, Virginia!


Within miles of our office you can find spots like Mellow Mushroom, Ginger Juice, Red Salt Chophouse and Sushi, The Daily Kitchen and Bar and Starbucks, which are always excellent choices. Depending on what you are in the mood for, we are certain that you can find something you can enjoy after visiting with us.

Additionally, if you are interested in driving closer towards the Downtown area of Richmond, we also have a couple favorites that we would like to recommend! We always hear good things about Millie’s Diner (They serve lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday), Mama J’s Kitchen (Soul Food), Stella’s (Greek), Secret Sandwich Society (what you can expect…sandwiches!) and more.

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind:

Depending on the type of dental appointment you had and the severity of dental work you had completed (if any), this should very well play a large role in the selection of where you choose to eat following your appointment! For example, if you only had a cleaning with the dental hygienist your food restrictions would not be limited at all aside from waiting 30 minutes if you had fluoride put on as opposed to if you had an extraction done. For a patient who just received an extraction, it’s important to stick to a soft diet for 24 hours immediately following. You don’t want to add any more traumas to the mouth by chewing on hard or tough foods. If a root canal or large amount of fillings were completed, just be mindful that you still may be numb or that your mouth may be sore from chewing so soups or smoothies are a good option for these scenarios.

Need more suggestions?

If you would like more food options, ask the staff members at River Run Dental we would love to share each of our favorite food spots around town!

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Additionally, if you are unsure what you can eat after your appointment, please contact us so that we can help you choose something that sounds good to you and your teeth!