Can I Get Teeth Whitening After a Dental Cleaning?

If you’re interested in professional teeth whitening, consider Zoom professional teeth whitening, which is available here at River Run Dental Spa. Zoom is safe, painless, and can help you achieve teeth that are six to ten shades whiter.

How Zoom Works

A Richmond, VA dentist will begin by isolating your lips and gums. Then, they will apply the proprietary Zoom whitening gel, which will then be activated by a special light. At the end of the procedure, the dentist will apply a five minute fluoride treatment and you’ll be blown away by the results. You may even notice your teeth get even whiter a few days following the procedure.

The Magic Behind Zoom

After years of research by Discus Dental, Zoom professional teeth whitening came to life. Its scientifically formulated gel contains pH balanced hydrogen peroxide that gently penetrates the teeth to remove deep stains and discoloration when it is activated by the light.

Dental Cleanings Prior to Zoom are Recommended

To achieve optimal results from Zoom, we encourage you to schedule a dental cleaning before. During a cleaning, a hygienist can remove any plaque you may have and polish your teeth. A dentist will then work with the hygienist to look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. With a dental cleaning, a dentist can determine whether you’re a good candidate for Zoom and optimize the results of professional teeth whitening.

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