Can Skoal or Chewing Tobacco Cause Sores?

Skoal is one of the most popular brands of smokeless tobacco. Most people who chew skoal on a regular basis do so because they believe it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, smokeless tobacco can lead to a variety of uncomfortable side-effects including bad breath, yellow stains, and mouth sores.

These mouth sores can look like a smooth, white patch or leathery wrinkled skin and typically appear in the area(s) where the tobacco is placed. Left untreated, these mouth sores may lead to oral cancer. If you are an avid user of skoal or another brand of smokeless tobacco, your risk of developing cancer is the same as it would be if you smoked cigarettes.

Oral cancer can lead to a variety of serious problems including facial or neck disfigurement, decreased production of saliva, speaking challenges, problems with eating, and depression. In addition to oral cancer, chewing tobacco can lead to high blood pressure and put you at high risk of heart attack, and stroke.

While mouth sores are the most common initial symptoms of oral cancer, there are a number of others. If you have a sore on your lip that does not heal, a lump in your mouth or throat, unusual bleeding, ear pain, or difficulty with chewing or swallowing, you may have oral cancer and need to see a dentist right away.

If you are a current user of chewing tobacco or have used it in the past, the importance of regular visits to the dentist should not be overlooked. By developing a healthy oral care routine at home and frequently visiting the dentist, you can reduce your risk of developing many of these harmful side effects.

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