Dentist in Richmond, VA That Accepts Guardian

Dental insurance is a worthwhile investment. It often covers preventive care, which can allow you to catch dental problems before they become serious and require costly and extensive procedures. Dental insurance can also make treatments like crowns and fillings more affordable in the event you do need them.

Since dentists who belong to dental carrier networks have already agreed to discounted, you can enjoy less out-of-pocket costs than if you didn’t have dental insurance. As a courtesy to our patients here at River Run Dental, we participate with all insurance companies and file all insurance claims on your behalf.

We are in-network with Guardian, a popular dental insurance provider. Guardian offers preventive advantage, which can enable you to get dental exams, cleanings, X-rays, and fluoride treatments without deductions – all from your annual maximum.

There’s also the maximum rollover, which helps you save money by rolling over a portion of your unused annual maximum for future use. With maximum rollover, you can make future treatments more affordable and visit the dentist for regular visits without any financial worries.

Guardian also makes it a breeze for members to find a dentist, submit and check claims, download forms, estimate the cost of dental care, and learn about oral health. If you don’t have insurance through Guardian or another dental insurer, you don’t need to worry.

Our office offers a unique Dental Wellness Savings Program that is just $350 for a single membership and $650 for a dual membership. This program covers maintenance care and offers big discounts on many dental services. There are no yearly maximums or deductibles and you can enroll at any time.

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