How Do I Get a Dental Office to Send My Records to Another Office?

Dental records are very important documents. They contain information related to the history of your illnesses, clinical exams, diagnosis, treatments, and prognosis. If you are planning on switching or have switched dental offices, you may be asking yourself how you get your old dental office to send your records to your new office.

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand your original records will never be released. Regardless of how formal a request may seem, only copies of your records will be sent. Although the original copies of your records are owned by the dental practice, you have the right to gain access to them and request copies of them at any time. This hold true even if you owe the practice money.

If you are switching or have switched dental provider, simply call up your old dentist office and ask them to forward the copies to your new dentist. You may also have the opportunity to go online and fill out a record request form.

Your old dentist should forward the copies to your new dentist without any issues in a reasonable time frame. Keep in mind, however, that you may need to pay a fee to cover the copying and postage. Fortunately, this fee is almost always reasonable.

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