Same Day CEREC Dental Crowns Richmond, VA

Many people shy away from dental crowns because they lead busy lives and don’t want to fit this procedure into their schedule. The good news is that dental crown patients no longer have to take several hours off of their work and other responsibilities because CEREC same day dental crowns are an option.

Believe it or not, cutting-edge CEREC technology allows us to digitally create crowns in our office so that the entire crown treatment can be complete in one appointment. In addition to the time savings, CEREC makes undergoing a crown procedure more comfortable. Also, since CEREC same day crowns are metal free and designed to match your particular smile, you don’t have to worry about any grey lines along your gum tissues. Here’s how CEREC same day dental crowns work:

Our dentist will begin by taking digital impressions of your teeth. You won’t have to deal with gooey, uncomfortable impressions that tickle your throat and lead to discomfort. Once your impressions have been taken, they’ll be transferred into our on-site milling equipment so that your new crowns can be created. You can count on us to select the ideal shade of porcelain that matches your surrounding teeth.

Since CEREC restorations will be made while you wait, you won’t have to come back for an additional appointment. You can simply sit, back, and relax in our peaceful, spa-like office.

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