Best Foods for Someone Prone to Cavities and Root Canals

It can be frustrating to visit the dentist and find out you have a cavity and are in need of a root canal. The good news, however, is that there are certain foods you can eat to prevent cavities and root canals. Here at River Run Dental, we recommend the following foods:

Dark Chocolate

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll be excited to learn that dark chocolate can make your teeth less susceptible to cavities. It contains a compound called CBH, which can harden tooth enamel and keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Of course, it’s best to eat dark chocolate in moderation.


Cheese is great for your teeth because it can combat the erosion left behind by acid. Whenever you eat a meal with sweets, citrus, or soda, your teeth become exposed to a great deal of acid, which can lead to tooth decay. Eating cheese after one of these meals can counteract the acid it left behind.

Wild Salmon

Fatty fish like wild salmon is loaded with vitamin D, which allows your teeth and gums to reap the disease fighting benefits of calcium from the foods you eat. If you don’t like fatty fish, a vitamin D supplement may be a good option.


Although it’s not technically a food, we felt it was important to mention that drinking plenty of water is an effective way to fight cavities. Since saliva is made up of almost all water, dehydration can thicken saliva and lead to tooth decay. Staying hydrated by drinking water on a regular basis can help you avoid this.

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